When you’ve clenched your fist in your pocket for a long time and then suddenly unfold it, it might happen that you can no longer remember what it was you once clenched. You unfold your palm and you see the new lines. Following Frida Selanders drawing through fields, branches and moonlight is to understand that she is our Chief now. Listening to her is to be both outside of time and within time. A classic setup with a guitar, a distinctive sensual voice and precise lines. It’s not for nothing she’s been compared to Patti Smith and PJ Harvey. Every era has it’s own Chief though, and you just know it’s brand new.
So feel the sun rising.
The album is named I Hear Sunshine.

I Hear Sunshine is Frida Selander’s first album in four years. It follows Try Again Baby, which was critically acclaimed in Sweden. Selander toured every single spot in the country. She received grants and prices, was herd on radio and TV. The years that followed was filled with commissioned works such as compositions for the theatre, the puppet theatre and exhibitions in museums.

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